Introducing HAL

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Behold the power of the library!

I always wanted to have a library to use like from my_awesome_library import anything; anything.do_anything(). Now it’s (almost) possible. With JHal and PyHal you’re not gonna believe what you can do.

Yeah, understood, you created something good, now? What can we do with it?

Simple examples of what you can do can be found here (miscellaneous python scripts), here (GUI test maker written in Java) and here here (python web crawler).

Wow! And .. may we ask about documentation on APIs?

Yes! Here is a screenshot of the Java docs available here: screenshotJava API docs and here there is the Python counterpart: screenshotPython API docs

Can I try it?

Of course! Both projects (the Java and the Python one) are open-source licensed under the Apache License Version 2.0, January 2004. You can pip install the pypi package or grab the .jar of the Java library here.

Stuff todo

  • port the library to C/C++, Javascript ..
  • testing